Global Innovative Leadership Module Project Summit

The GILM Project Summit was held in Istanbul on May 18, 2017, hosted by BAU. Project partners delegates from the Development and Innovation Office (Turkey), Futuro Digitale (Italy), IED (Greece), Intermedi@kt(Greece), EDUGEP (Portugal) and Turkish National Agency experts, Bahcesehir University Academicians took part as spekaers in the summit and they shared their expertise with the participants as well as conveying  information about the output of the project and the related topics. There were more than 150 participants on national and international scope in total, and there were students, NGO representatives, teachers from different cities of Turkey in different age groups, with a large age range, mostly young people.

The training modules that was created within the project on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation, Data Analysis, Business Management, Finance, Strategic Planning and were introduced and disseminated. After giving detailed information on how to access and use the content produced by participants, Bahçeşehir University academicians; Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Elif ÇEPNİ, Ph.D. Serkan AYVAZ and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak AKDEMİR gave their presentations.

As a real example for the project topic, innovation,  Augmented Reality  company VISAR’s CEO,Hamdi Küçük,  mentioned about Innovation and  Competitiveness. Finally, the National Agency Expert Oya BUMIN gave an informative speech on EU funded projects and how to use them effectively for development of Turkey and all EU member states.

Following that all speechs the project outputs, which is results of 1,5 years of effort and work, has been made available for free to everyone as open source via website and all the participants attending the Summit were given a USB that includes the outputs in it along with a  attandance certificate.

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