The first stage of Global Innovative Leadership Module which aims to reveal innovative leaders happened in Istanbul

Innovative Leadership Module’s first version which is based on informal training methods has been created by project partners in cooperation. The first version was tested with the participation of totally 25 youngs from Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Greece in Istanbul on the dates between 8 – 22 July 2016.

Several Workshops, cultural activities, technical visits and trainings conducted by successful leaders were carried out within the program. In addition, leading institutions in their field such as DELL Turkey and Bahçeşehir University were visited to see good practices. Mehmet İmrak, the Founder&CEO of Taglette was here with us and sharing his experiences on how to search and take investments in Start-up Financial Plan Workshop. (Taglette is the world’s first and only intelligent microchip that provides one-touch access to the items information and it has self-specific mobile applications.) The training  module contents that used during training;

– Competition and Innovation

– Marketing

– Strategic Planning

– Budgeting and Financial Controlling

– Entrepreneurship

– Management and Business Organization

– Data Analyze, Interpretation and Problem Solving

The purpose of this training evaluation is making possible revising the training module created during GILM project, in the scope of applicability, effectiveness, flexibility and sustainability. The results obtained here will be used in order to revise the module, develop and give its final form with the aim of using by beneficiaries in the second training event in Greece. New methods will be created, unsuccessful methods will be removed, the learning outcomes will be defined.