GILM Dissemination / Setubal - Portugal

In the last quarter of our project –at the end of 24-month period as well, predominantly interest was on dissemination and revising tasks. After eliminated content and format related errors of the produced outputs, online platform has taken its final form. Our partners carried out dissemination activities in their local settings by utilizing produced intellectual outputs. Within these activities, it is emphasized that how target group can be benefitted from these outputs and how they can use these products as free and whenever they want. Another point which was indicated how the project can contribute their ICT and e-leadership skills as well as employability capacities referring to these skills. Locations of dissemination activities were Istanbul (Turkey), Bursa (Turkey), Setubal (two times), Patras (Greece) and Cori (Italy).


GILM Transnational Meeting - Istanbul

In addition to these, final events and activities of the project were carried out and the things that can be done regarding sustainability framework was discussed in the fourth transnational meeting in Istanbul right after the summit. Planned measures (integration to curriculum, visiting public bodies and cooperations with them) were implemented in order to sustain project’ results even if the project officially ends.

Outcomes, results and outputs of the project will be served freely and there will be an open access three years more to the project web platform, social media channels and project coordinator’ own website as well as partners’ website.