Development and Innovation Office

By young people, Development and Innovation Office is established in Osmangazi, Bursa with Beşiktaş, İstanbul in order to raise awareness for problems and deficients, run education and consciousness-raising studies, develop research and development projects based on and supported by science, and run studies with local, national and international corporations in dissemination which will positively affect in every field of casual life of welfare aim with respect to subjects such as development, sustainable development, innovative approaches, projects and ideas in which reasonable and measurable future aims take place and the whole world focus on. It has been maintaining its activities in articles of association established as proper to 5253 numbered Law of Associations.

They develop and imply projects with the belief of projects produced by innovative young people are the most important tool to reach national development aims. At this point producing a totalitarian approach is the focus point in all studies of Development and Innovation Office by bringing nongovernmental organisations and private sectors together.

They mainly focus on the innovation, entrepreneurship, youth employment, participation and social inclusion, development issue among young people. As it mentioned before KIO has two office and one of them is in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. Almost 100 active volunteer take responsibility on KIO’s activities and studies.


Address: Duaçınar Mahallesi 4.Yazıcı Sokak 26/C Yıldırım Bursa Turkey

Tel: +90 505 394 29 06

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