Associazione Futuro Digitale

Futuro Digitale Association works to promote youth empowerment through concrete possibilities of development connected to e-learning, traineeship and personalised patterns of working periods.

It has three main objectives: – empower youth; – educate to European citizenship; -promote intercultural dialogue within Europe and among Mediterranean countries.

Together with the Department of Business and Law of Cosenza University, the association has structured a formative liaison which allows students to work and learn at the same moment in order to be introduced to the job market. What is more, Futuro Digitale officially obtained the role as job agency by the Ministry of Labour – this is implemented through non-formal education strategies which enable youth to further reflect on employability skills and entrepreneurship.

Futuro Digitale hosts volunteers and trainees within the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme, Erasmus traineeship and he has recently received the accreditation as sending and coordinating organization for the EVS. Furthermore, Futuro Digitale supports youth in obtaining micro-credit loans through specific tutoring aimed at supporting all the bureaucratic passages. The tutoring is based on on-going support and relation with the micro-credit applicant.

With regards to ICT, Futuro Digitale works with e-learning to promote certifications for digital competences. The ICT-media team dedicates itself to ICT education and activities to contrast digital divide. Digital future has already realized three websites and two platforms, organized two training courses, one for the disabled, in the use of new technologies. Finally, Digital Future was Official Partner of the event CODE European Week 2014, the European week of programming by organizing an event for students on the following topics: the platform “Scratch” that allows you to create animations, comics and games; WordPress to create websites; interaction with social networks.

We feel to be much connected to your call for partners as handling volunteers is not just a matter of quantity or logistics, but also what an organization wants to achieve through a concrete process of cross-influence between the members and the volunteers.


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